When I upgrade to avoid advertisements, will all devices upgrade or will I have to pay to upgrade each device that I use?

Sushi Mushi is a universal app that will work across all devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod). You will only need to upgrade once for all devices as long as you use the same sign-in credentials.

How do I find more information about gameplay?

There is a HELP button within the main Lobby. Here you can find information about scoring, take-out boxes, play tutorial games, and get support from Aspyr Media.

Is there a single player option?

Yes. With App Update 3.0 we now offer a single player saga with more levels to come.

What happens if I delete and then reinstall the app? WIll all my progress be lost?

As long as you log in under your same signin credentials, all game progress will be restored.

Sushi Mushi is taking a long time to update games. How can I fix this?

The speed of an app is usually directly tied to your Wi-Fi or Cellular connection or device. Try restarting your iOS device and if that doesn’t fix the issue, you may have a problem with your Wi-Fi or connection speed. You will need to call your Internet provider to resolve this issue.

Is Sushi Mushi available for Android devices?

Sushi Mushi is not available for Android devices.

My opponent is taking a long time to play their turn. Can I force them to skip their turn or resign?

 While there’s no way to force an opponent to resign or skip their turn, your opponent only has three days to play their turn. After the four days are up with no moves from your opponent, they automatically forfeit.



Are those pesky monsters still giving you trouble? You can submit a request form to the Aspyr team to get help resolving any issues you’re having.