Sushi Mushi is a matching puzzle game that you can play alone through single player saga levels or with friends in competitive mode. You have one goal: feed your monster as much sushi as you can! In this FREE app, you match sushi bites to create the sushi rolls and combos that your monster craves. The longer the sushi roll created, the more points and bonuses you’ll receive. Be on the lookout for Surprises and Take-Out boxes on the game board that can either bring you good or bad fortune.

In addition to a single player sags mode, Sushi Mushi utilizes asynchronous multiplayer, so you can take turns sushi battling with opponents all over the world. Added Facebook connectivity also lets you compete with friends, proving once and for all who the real sushi master is. And while Sushi Mushi is great casual fun that you can play whenever and wherever you want, there’s also plenty of strategy involved for the advanced players. Utilize power-ups to boost your score or channel your inner ninja to sabotage your opponent. There’s plenty more to be discovered!

Key Features

- Free universal app for all iOS devices

- Simple to play – Touch-and-drag to match sushi bites for your Monster to munch on.

- Fun to master – Make the most of special abilities and surprises for huge scores. Your Monster has plenty of tricks up its sleeve…

- Choose from 16 awesome Monster types and customize them with over 100 “Bling” items. Show off your Monster to others!

- Single-player episodes – A tasty variety of challenging levels with more to come.

- Multi-player with others – Outsmart your friends and other sushi masters. Play your turn when you’re ready.

- Level up – Win big to earn your Black Belt and monstrous respect.

- Gifts of good fortune – Share sushi smarts and wisdom from Fortune Cookies to help your friends.

- Get social – Battle your Facebook friends and show them your sushi supremacy!